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Family Hotel near Yankee Stadium

Enjoying the pinnacle of boutique hospitality in Washington Heights here at the Edge Hotel, you’re remarkably close to one of the great ballparks in the country: Yankee Stadium. Whether you visit to attend an actual Yankees game—a defining New York City experience, to say the least—or simply to take a tour, it’s a thrilling Big Apple landmark well worth soaking in on your next stay with us.

Yankee Stadium: A Mecca of American Sports

The current Yankee Stadium in the Bronx went up in 2009, replacing the original ballpark that was built for a bit more than two million dollars in 1923. That structure, of course, was known far and wide as “The House That Ruth Built,” as its construction coincided with the legendary Yankee outfielder Babe Ruth’s peak.

The “Bambino” was only (arguably) the greatest of a slew of iconic Yankees ballplayers who called the original stadium home, including Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle. The Yankees rank as the most successful team in Major League Baseball (and among the most successful of any sports team in the country), having won 27 World Series and no fewer than 40 American League pennants.

The 21st-century replacement summons the original Yankee Stadium in its exterior while offering an expanded and upgraded layout and facilities.

Home Games at Yankee Stadium

Given the history of the franchise and the legacy of the ballpark itself, attending a home game at Yankees Stadium definitely ranks up there as a bucket-list experience for sports fans (and New York City tourists as a whole).

You can purchase tickets for individual Yankees games here. Upcoming homestands include against the Tampa Bay Rays June 17ththrough June 19th, the Houston Astros June 20th through June 23rd, and the Toronto Blue Jays June 24th through June 26th.

Touring Yankee Stadium

You can get a guided introduction to the history and layout of Yankee Stadium and nab up-close looks at some fascinating Yankees artifacts and mementos on an official stadium tour, a number of versions of which are offered. Along with the Classic Tour and the special “Hands on History” experience, you can enjoy a guided walkabout and a view of batting practice on a Pregame Tour if you’re a ticketholder.

Call the Edge Hotel Home for a Trip to Yankees Stadium

Whether you’re catching a game or simply touring the stadium while the Yankees are on the road or during off-season, we invite you to stay at the Edge Hotel, just across the Harlem River from the Bronx ballpark. We’ll treat you to boutique hospitality in the vibrant and attraction-filled Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights while you tap into some hallowed American sports history over at the Stadium!

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