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Luxury Hotel for Movies at the Palace

Enjoying prime Washington Heights accommodations at the Edge Hotel, you’ve got a superb array of Manhattan entertainment venues—from concert halls to cinemas—at your beck and call. And one of those truly steeped in history is the stunning United Palace (4140 Broadway), only a few minutes from our boutique hotel. This is a fine place to catch a film, not to mention any number of other arts-and-culture offerings depending on the night…

The United Palace: A Long-standing Washington Heights Landmark

What’s called the United Palace today opened in 1930 as a vaudeville venue and cinema: the Thomas Lamb-designed Loew’s 175thStreet Theatre, one of a quartet of Loew’s “Wonder Theatres” established around New York City as well as New Jersey.

After decades delighting Washington Heights audiences, the 175th Street Theatre closed its first era in 1969 with a screening of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The venue managed to avoid the fate of many historic movie palaces in the Big Apple thanks to its purchase by the United Palace of Spiritual Arts, which moved its congregation—helmed by Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II, aka Reverend Ike—there that year.

These days, this fourth-largest of Manhattan theaters remains a spiritual center while also presenting a rich feast of concerts (everyone from Adele to Bob Dylan), films, lectures, dance performances (including the annual Danza Highbridge Festival, which takes place Saturday, September 22nd this year), and other performances and productions under the mantle of the United Palace of Cultural Arts. From services to shows, everything goes down amid the breathtaking majesty of the United Palace’s gilded interior.

Films at the United Palace

Besides upcoming concerts by Lenny Kravitz (September 27th) and Myriam Hernandez (October 7th), the United Palace will present a special screening of the classic Richard Lester film A Hard Day’s Night on Sunday, September 23rd as part of its “Movies at the Palace” series. The 1964 black-and-white flick stars, of course, the Fab Four in what’s widely considered their cinematic peak. You’ll also get to enjoy a live performance by the high-profile Beatles tribute band Strawberry Fields, turning the whole affair into a little resurrection of Beatlemania.

Check Out “Movies at the Palace” During Your Edge Hotel Getaway in Washington Heights

Whether it’s John, Paul, George, and Ringo in A Hard Day’s Night or some other Movies at the Palace offering—or an illuminating presentation, foot-tapping concert, or transcendent dance recital—take advantage of the United Palace of Cultural Arts programs when you bed down in boutique luxury just blocks away at the Edge Hotel!

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