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Washington Heights Hotel for Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park

Hear ye, hear ye: Make your way to ye olde Edge Hotel this fall, and spend some quality time with assorted lords, ladies, artisans, and fools up in the highlands of Manhattan Island.

Fort Tryon Park will be hosting its 35th annual Medieval Festival on Sunday, September 29th, and with boutique accommodations at the Edge Hotel you’ll be just a raven’s flutter away from the free proceedings, which see this venerable Upper Manhattan park turn back the centuries and evoke an honest-to-goodness medieval European village.

The Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park

Presented by the non-profit Washington Heights & Inwood Development Corporation in partnership with the New York City Parks Department, the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park is an awful lot of good fun, whether you’re particularly obsessed with the Middle Ages and historical dress-up or not.

The temporarily summoned medieval market town, yours to explore free of charge from 11:30 AM to 6 PM on festival day, springs up around the Met Cloisters in Fort Tryon: an exquisitely appropriate proximity, given the Cloisters hosts one of the finest collections of medieval tapestries and other art in the country. (Read more about the Cloisters in our Edge Hotel roundup of topnotch museums in New York City that you’ll find close at hand as our guest.)

From jesters to jugglers to musicians, the “old-school” entertainment at the Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival is pretty darn irresistible, and it all culminates in some downright dramatic spectacle come the afternoon: a jousting contest between four fully suited-up mounted knights.

There’ll also be plenty to eat and drink, crafts for sale, and in general a lot of delightful costumes to admire. There’s no dress code, but you might consider going all out and donning your own period attire. (Unfortunately, no, we don’t have any tunics, tights, or jester’s hats available for loan here at the Edge Hotel. Maybe someday…)

Meanwhile you’ll have the Cloisters to explore as well, not to mention Fort Tryon Park’s fabulous views over the Hudson River to the scenic Palisades to savor.

Stay at the Edge Hotel for the 2019 Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park

Come join us at the Edge Hotel the last weekend in September and enjoy one of Upper Manhattan’s great free festivals amid Fort Tryon Park’s one-day medieval hustle and bustle! Book your room with us for the occasion today.

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