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Best Boutique Hotel near Kingdom Hearts World Tour

If you’re among the countless fans of the Kingdom Hearts video-game series—and of its stirring soundtrack—you may well already be aware of the associated orchestral world tour kicking off this spring. The brand-new KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World of Tres show is coming to the Big Apple as part of that tour, and there’s no better place to stay for the occasion than the Edge Hotel here in Washington Heights!

KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World of Tres World Tour 2019

KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World of Tres musters more than 100 musicians and choir members as the Kingdom Hearts video game’s official concert tour. This year’s world tour comes on the heels of the January release of the latest in the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts III.

Produced by the Japanese video-game producer Square Enix and Disney Interactive, Kingdom Hearts debuted back in 2002. The series stars the hero Sora and features a whole slew of familiar characters and settings from different Disney, Pixar, and Final Fantasy realms.

The Kingdom Hearts music, composed by Yoko Shimomura, is not only intrinsic to the gameplay but its own beloved element among the series’ fans. The KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World of Tres brings that music—including the new soundtrack of Kingdom Hearts III—to life in spectacular orchestral majesty, synced to scenes from the games projected on a giant screen. It’ll perform 22 concerts in 17 cities all around the world, beginning April 26th in Tokyo.

The New York KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World of Tres Shows

The KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World of Tres tour comes to New York City on Friday, June 28th and Saturday, June 29th. The venue is the United Palace (4140 Broadway), one of the largest theaters in Manhattan and a devotedly multipurpose venue. The theater is a genuine Washington Heights landmark, having opened back in 1930 as a cinema/vaudeville house called Lowe’s 175th Street Theatre. (Read more about the United Palace and its history in this previous Edge Hotel blogpost.)

The United Palace KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra concerts begin at 8 PM on Friday and Saturday nights, with doors opening an hour before.

With accommodations at the Edge Hotel, you’ll be mere minutes from the United Palace: well set up to enjoy a thoroughly unique, thoroughly immersive Kingdom Hearts experience right here in Upper Manhattan. Nab your KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World of Tres tickets for one of the United Palace concerts this June, and then book your boutique lodgings here at the Edge for the getaway!

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